Segway Drift W1


Two separate Self-balancing Electric Skates

Stylish RGB Lighting
Customizable LED lighting! The standard display is blue, but can be changed to one of three separate modes.

Easy to Learn
The Segway Drift W1 e-skates are very easy to pick up and learn. Utilizing Segway’s next generation self-balancing technology, just step on and get going effortlessly in minutes.

Main Features

Silicone Bumpers


RGB LED Lights


45 Mins Battery Range


10% Hill Grade


IPX6 Splash Proof



Lithium Battery Design with Advanced Safety Features

Tested to UL 2272 standards, the Drift W1’s battery contains dual protection and an intelligent battery protection system, allowing it to monitor battery health in real time.

Sturdy, Lightweight Frame Design

The one piece magnesium alloy body keeps each Segway Drift W1 under 9lbs, making them easy to carry and transport, wherever you may go.

Compact Yet Sophisticated

Our research and development team designed the Segway Drift W1 to be one of the lightest and most portable products on the market.

10mm Silicone Bumpers

The silicone bumpers at each end are designed to protect your product from bumps and scratches.

Segway Drift W1 Specifications

1. General

Dimensions Unit: 12.5×10.6×8.7 in (318×269×219 mm)
Payload 22-220 lbs (10-100 kg)
Weight Net (single wheel): Approx. 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

2. Rider

Recommended Age 6+ years old. See the weight limit

3. Machine Parameters

Max. Speed Approx. 7.5 mph (12 km/h) Top speed will vary based on riding style and remaining battery life. Top speed will be reduced when the battery is low.
Typical Riding Time 45 minutes
Max. Slope 10°
Traversable Terrain Flat, hard ground free of bumps or obstacles
Operating Temperature 14-104°F (-10-40°C)
Storage Temperature -4-122°F (-20-50°C)
IP Rating Mainframe IP54/ Battery pack IPX6
Max. Storage Time Approx. 180 days/100% power; Approx. 30 days/30% power
Charge Time (for both mainframes pprox. 3 hours Nominal Voltage 22.2 VDC
Max. Charging Voltage 25.2 VDC
Charging Temperature 32-104°F (0-40°C)

4. Battery

Nominal Capacity 44.4 Wh
Battery Management System Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and over-heating protection. Auto-sleep, auto-balance, and auto-wake.

5. Motor

Max. torque (single wheel) 6 Nm
Output Power 37.5 W

6. Charger

Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Output Voltage 25 ± 0.2 VDC
Output Current 1.5A

Purple, Red

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